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Although small creatures, several ants bite and sting. They bite using their mandibles to pinch skins of their victims. There are some of these biting ants in Florida.


The most notorious of the biting ants found in Florida are Fire Ants. Fire ants are of two main species: The Red Imported Fire Ants (RIFA) and the Tropical or Native Fire Ants.


The Red Imported Fire Ants (RIFA):

RIFA are about 2.1 centimetres in length. Their color varies from red to brown, or at times, brownish-red. RIFA are quite common in Florida. They live in mounds built by themselves. They hate to get disturbed. If disturbed or threatened, they bite the victim’s body with their mandible, making a strong sting with the slightest contact. In a mass attack, they bite the victim(s) simultaneously, causing severe stinging pain in the spot bitten.

When stung by a RIFA, a white substance begins to appear on the spot a day after being bitten. This substance is made up of a venom of an alkaloid nature which has potent necrotoxic activity. The venom also contains proteins and molecules that produce allergies in hypertensive victims.


The Tropical or Native Fire Ants:

These uncommon species of Fire ants live in colonies of about two to three feet tall. They cause welts and allergic reactions on the body of victims and they are quite aggressive too.


How to Avoid being Bitten:

Biting ants in Florida often stirs discussions among citizens. There are several ways to curb the attacks from biting ants. Some of these ways include;

Locate the hounds or colony around your yard.

Fumigate the area with insecticides that kills ants.

Get rid of the queen in the colony by using granular products like Ortho which produces severe gas that ants cannot survive.

If you locate the hound on a field or in a grassy area during summer, burning the grasses might be helpful and effective.


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