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If you have a pet you likely have experience with ticks, especially with dogs and outdoor cats.


There is a high risk that your pets are contributing to bringing ticks into your home and living area.  Ticks are a carrier of the insect borne disease, Lyme, which are a serious threat to the wellness of your family, animal and human alike.  Here are six assured ways to help rid ticks from your house and yard:

Mowing Your Lawns: Ticks lay eggs in overgrown lawns, especially on the blades of leaves in these lawns. By consistently mowing your lawns, you naturally make the environment uninhabitable. Think of this as eliminating their chances of productivity. When these ticks don’t produce, they cannot survive.

Clean Home with Antiseptics and Pesticides: You may need to consistently clean your homes with pesticides that keeps the surroundings free of bacteria and ticks. Ticks cannot survive a well fumigated environment. They are easily repelled by the overpowering smell of disinfectants.

Wash Dirty Clothes in Hot Water: Because ticks are microscopic,they may attach themselves to your clothes without your knowledge and some ticks endure quick washing in ordinary room temperature atmosphere. Washing your dirty clothes in hot water kills ticks effectively and this also destroys the eggs and larva. You may also consider adding a little disinfectant in the water.

Avoid Kids and Pets Playing in Bushy Areas: Since bushy areas are the biggest harbours of ticks, prevent your pets and warn your kids from visiting bushy areas where they may get ticks attached to clothes and their hairs. Examine your pets consistently in case they have ticks lurking beneath their furs.

Call an Exterminator: Exterminators are professionals. They have strong pesticides to extinguish heavy tick infestation.  They know the best places to direct their tools while fumigating. Calling them in at intervals is advisable, especially if you notice a high rate of tick infestation in your yard. They fumigate your surroundings in order to put your yards in safety. Ticks cannot thrive under proper extermination service.

Use Insect Repellent Clothing and Gear:  Insect repellent apparel and gear is recommended by the CDC and the WHO as one the best way to protect yourself from insect bites and insect borne disease. carries a complete line of apparel for the family as well as blankets and nets.  While enjoying the outdoors be prepared with clothing and gear!

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