™ - Insect Repellent Clothing

Our Story

Founding Story was started by a group of young entrepreneurs seeking the best way to protect pregnant women and other vulnerable groupsfor the ZIKA virus and other insect borne diseases.

Out of our desire to ensure protection for all we started the "Charity" program. For each shirt we sell we will donate a shirt to a women in need in a Zika infested area.

For more information or to participate, visit our Charity page.




Fashionable & Comfortable products with Insect Shield® offers a great additional alternative to traditional sprays.Our products are odorless and approved by the EPA for any family member to use, including kids and pregnant women.​Our apparel is made with high end fibers that include anti-microbial and cooling technology. is using Insect Shield® technology, the same technology that is being used by the military to keep soldiers protected. The insect repellent treatment lasts the expected lifetime of the item, repelling mosquitoes, ticks, flies and fleas. items are designed for comfort in any environment.

 image is an innovative line of apparel and gear that has been functionally enhanced with insect repellent.  The innovative technology stems from a proprietary treatment process provided by an agreement with Insect Shield®.  Insect Shield® is a revolutionary treatment designed to provide long-lasting, effective and convenient personal insect protection.  The proprietary process binds permethrin based insect repellant directly to the fabric resulting in effective, odorless insect protection that lasts the expected lifetime of the product, repelling mosquitos, ticks, flies, fleas and other biting insects.