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We've had lots of great feedback from our customers.  Here are a few things people had to say about our NoBu.gs® products...

Jacqueline, United Kingdom

"I can attest that your products work like magic, I have been bitten by insects all my life, even when I was younger and I can't say enough good things about the product to friends and family,"

Peter, United States

"Roughly 4hrs of mowing - where'd all the bugs go?  Zero bites?!?!  Yesterday 2 houses over, more bites than I could count, plus 2 spider bites. Today I only SAW 3 bugs. Just as cool as my AeroTech short sleeve technical shirt IMO.   PLUS, no ghats on my glasses either!!  Wow!!!"

Andy, United States

"We just got back from Kauai and I am now a true believer of your product!  The pullover and pants worked. For the first time during all my trips to Kauai and all the islands, I was NOT bitten once my a mosquito!  Now here in Texas where there are also mosquitoes,  I will need to wear your products more often!  I will now look more into your line of clothing!"

Jenny, Canada

"Loved wearing my Nobugs hoodies in Machu Pichu. Thanks all for shipping my hoodie super-fast so I could bring it on my trip!! PS My kids were envious of the "thumb holes" - definitely a nice extra touch!!"

Dhurba, Nepal

"What a great product!  We are very happy with our hoodies.  Very comfortable, not too hot for the high heat in the jungle and keeps the bugs away!  We recommend the products to all our friends and family".